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Everywhere in Flanders, Belgium and even abroad, Hoogstraten is known for its strawberries. Just thinking about them is often enough to make your mouth water. And rightly so, because our fully ripened strawberries give you the perfect balance between sweet and sour. 
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Our strawberries are the best known, but our soft fruit range has grown tremendously over the years thanks to our berry farmers. Thanks to their passion and expertise, we also offer blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and kiwis of the highest quality. 
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berry mix
bell peppers

Bell peppers

Four colours, but always the same top quality that can be recognised by their firmness and shiny surface. As you can see (and taste), we have already built up a great deal of expertise with this versatile vegetable. 
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The Hoogstraten brand stands for passion and craftsmanship and you can taste that.

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We always pick with the greatest care, so you can enjoy sustainably grown fresh fruit and vegetables.


Hoogstraten can add another fruity highlight to its range. After several years of intense development, we are offering delicious Belgian melons, obviously with the phenomenal taste and outstanding quality that is now synonymous with our label.

Our melons not only have a delicious taste and great freshness, but also an important sustainability aspect.

Tomélon Charentais melons
bell peppers


When they are an even dark green colour, perfectly crisp and straight in shape, they meet our strict quality requirements.
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At Coöperatie Hoogstraten we are the reference for tomatoes in Belgium. Depending on which definition you use, a tomato can be either a fruit or a vegetable, but we don't care about those definitions. Together with our growers, we make sure that you can enjoy tasty, high-quality tomatoes all year round. And that in all colours, shapes and sizes. 
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Since 2005, you can also enjoy our specials. A fresh wind blew through our assortment when we decided to offer a solution to the great demand for healthy snacks. See for yourself, because we have the perfect alternative to that biscuit or cereal bar in your bag!
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Our sweet cherries, the ideal complement to our collection of soft fruit, are grown under protection and harvested when ripe. Only if they meet the strictest requirements, they earn the Hoogstraten quality label and may they be traded. 
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