Our melons

Hoogstraten Melons

Hoogstraten can add another fruity highlight to its range. After several years of intense development, we are offering delicious Belgian melons, obviously with the phenomenal taste and outstanding quality that is now synonymous with our label.

Our melons not only have a delicious taste and great freshness, but also an important sustainability aspect.

Our proud growers!

In fact, our proud growers take care of the plants in a special way: in the greenhouse, grown vertically, just like tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers. This allows them, in a small area, to give each melon the necessary love and care in the right way to turn it into a delicious, high-quality taste bomb. All without wasting water or raw materials in the process!

Tomélon bites away wonderfully!

The aroma and firm flesh of the Tomélon makes for a deliciously juicy snack!

Sustainably grown

Our mini watermelons are grown sustainably with the utmost care and attention. We consider the environment at every step of the growing process. By using controlled watering, we ensure that each plant receives just the right amount of water, minimizing water waste. This means not only that our watermelons are delicious and juicy, but also that they are grown with respect for our natural resources. Choose our mini watermelons and enjoy a refreshing, eco-friendly snack!

Home compostable labels

Together with our supplier, Contact Belgium, we are proud to introduce the very first certified labels made of home compostable material delivered in Belgium. Product labeling is a necessary and legal aspect, but that doesn't mean we can't also make a difference here in terms of sustainability. By consciously choosing labels made exclusively from compostable materials (and certified for this), we can, together with our supplier, contribute to a better environment.