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A healthy company, like Coöperatie Hoogstraten, has an eye for its employees, its partners and the planet.

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The importance of bees and bumblebees

To grow Hoogstraten strawberries, we call on the help of thousands of diligent bees and bumblebees. The latter we mainly use in the greenhouses, and they build their 'nest' in one of the foil boxes we provide there. Both bumblebees and bees pollinate the strawberry plants. Only after successful pollination will the fruit develop into deliciously sweet strawberries for you to enjoy.

Our sustainable strawberry punnet

For decades, strawberries were packaged in the familiar plastic "tub". We wanted to break that habit. We were looking for a new packaging that was innovative, distinctive and sustainable. In consultation with the supplier, a customised packaging machine was developed in which the punnets are placed directly in the boxes. In this way, we can now deliver loads of fully-filled strawberry boxes.

The result: a more cost-efficient packaging concept with considerable labour savings for the production companies. The punnet is completely free of plastic and we use high-quality, food-safe ink for the print. With its attractive design and premium look & feel, the punnet definitely stands out on the shelf!
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People. Planet. Prosperity. Partnerships. Peace.

Sustainable employees in a positive work culture

A sustainable personnel policy determines the strength and manoeuvrability of a company. The well-being of our employees is central to Coöperatie Hoogstraten. We are aware of the role we play in the lives of our employees.

Health, vitality and safety are also an integral part of our business operations. We continuously strive to monitor and improve ergonomics through preventive and corrective measures. We also devote a great deal of attention to the development and personal growth of employees. An integral and permanent career policy is central to this.
We also resolutely opt for a diversity policy that makes no distinction between people of different origins and in terms of age, gender or talents.
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Coöperatie Hoogstraten - Vector logo Hoogstraten
Coöperatie Hoogstraten - Vector logo Hoogstraten
Safety: safety plan
Social dialogue: our staff get a say in our policies
Health: electric forklifts, stackers, medical examinations, ...
Coöperatie Hoogstraten - Vector logo Hoogstraten

Striving for minimal environmental impact

A sustainability strategy is not complete without an environmental strategy. As a horticultural company, we naturally place the environment in a high position. We now have more than 5,000 solar panels on our roofs, which is good for a yield of 1.12 MWh, or about 15% of our entire energy requirement.

In addition, we collect rainwater, which we channel through the pipes of our cooling systems. The result is splendid: in ten years, our mains water consumption has been reduced by no less than half.

All members of Coöperatie Hoogstraten make efforts to reduce their ecological footprint as much as possible and they do so with conviction! They use innovative systems for this, such as heat pumps, energy screens and solar boilers. Common (agricultural) sense also plays a major role here, because our growers make grateful use of rainwater that is collected in silos and basins.

Coöperatie Hoogstraten has been a loyal participant in the VCDO Charter for many years. By signing this charter, we commit ourselves to result-oriented and continuous work on sustainable business. Every year, we strive to achieve the proposed action points within the 17 sustainability objectives of the United Nations (SDGs).

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