Our cherries

Hoogstraten Cherries

Hoogstraten Cherries

Our sweet cherries, the ideal complement to our collection of soft fruit, are grown under protection and harvested when ripe. Only if they meet the strictest requirements do they earn the Hoogstraten Keurmerk and may they be traded. 

Variation in colour

It all starts, of course, with the cherry blossoms, which beautifully announce the start of the cherry season.

The different cherry varieties provide variation in color: our range goes from crimson to black red, with all shades in between.

The ideal healthy summer snack!


Our varieties

Available varieties include Kordia, Regina, Bellise, Carmen, Satin and Samba. Each variety has unique characteristics and can be subdivided according to ripening time. The ripening time is indicated by cherry weeks. The earliest cherries ripen in the first week of June and are available until July. 
Cherry picking

Machine sorted

Hoogstraten cherries are sorted mechanically, which means that they are sorted correctly and presented beautifully afterwards. Thanks to our hydro cooling, the cherries not only remain more beautiful and tighter, but they can also be stored for longer. Cherries are a great addition to the Hoogstraten soft fruit family.
Cherry recipes
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