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Hoogstraten Peppers

Hoogstraten Peppers
strong in four colours

Four colours, but always the same top quality that can be recognised by their firmness and their shiny surface. There is more to a pepper than meets the eye. The story of Hoogstraten Peppers is not just about quality and flavour, but also about process optimisation, craftsmanship and innovation. Our growers know that. That's why we continue to invest in new partnerships both within and across borders; to grow and to grow together; to be the best.

Our Hoogstraten peppers are available from March to early November, but the largest supply is during the summer months, when conditions are ideal.

Recipes with peppers
All our peppers meet the legal requirements for primary vegetable production and some supra-legal specifications (production, sustainability, social practices,...), they are awarded the Flandria label if they comply. Each bell pepper is classified according to color.

Our peppers rank third in terms of sales, after our strawberries and our tomatoes, and account for 15% of total sales. Approximately 29,000 tons are traded annually! A significant percentage of our peppers come from the Netherlands.
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Smart sorting and packaging

We want to improve ourselves continuously. That's why we invest in systems and processes that turn our peppers into top products and make life easier for our growers. For example, growers can have their peppers sorted centrally at Coöperatie Hoogstraten so that they can fully focus on cultivation. There is no need for them to purchase an expensive sorting machine.

We have invested heavily in further automation in recent years. For instance, we use smart imaging technology to sort our peppers according to diameter and we take steps towards automatic quality sorting. We have two sorting lines that we can use independently or in combination. Further down the line we have an automatic packaging line which allows us to offer customised solutions such as the so-called "traffic lights": multiple colours of peppers, automatically packed together.
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