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Where do your strawberries come from?

Every strawberry box tells a story. Now you can also meet the people behind Coöperatie Hoogstraten. They are your guarantee of an honest product. 

So fill in the growers' module below and find out where your delicious strawberries come from!

A look behind the scenes...

Saying Hoogstraten, it's almost as if you can taste that juicy strawberry flavour. Fully-ripened strawberries with a perfect balance between sour and sweet. That is what Hoogstraten is all about.

Sustainability efforts of our growers

Our strawberry growers make daily efforts to reduce their ecological footprint as much as possible and they do so with conviction! After all, every strawberry is the result of generations of patient craftsmanship, of sustainable partnerships, of research and innovation. Our growers do business with attention to CO2 reduction, natural resources and efficient energy use. Good examples are the UV-robot as a sustainable and revolutionary technique against mildew, solar panels, rainwater collection, reusing drain water and energy screens in greenhouses.

How does it work?

1. Unique code

On each of our trays of strawberries you will find a unique code. 

2. Enter the code

Enter this unique code in the search field below and find out where your delicious strawberries were grown. 

3. Let us know

There is a story behind every cup of strawberries. Meet the people behind Coöperatie Hoogstraten and feel free to leave a message.

Have a look!

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Over 30 million kilograms of strawberries annually

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